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GSN has the experience, materials, and expertise to help your school develop a comprehensive College and Career Readiness Program that meets your needs, geography, and student population.


GSN’s College and Career Readiness Lessons help students to develop essential college and career skills to prepare them for life after high school. The sequence is developed at Elementary (1-5), Middle and High School Levels and includes “Tiers” that build upon each other. For example, Tier I is recommended to be taught at 6th grade, Tier II at 7th grade, and so on. The units each contain an introduction, five lessons, and a project. These lessons/events are organized into 5 or 6 main categories: 1. Exploring the world of post-secondary education, 2. Getting post-secondary credentials, 3. Exploring the world of work; 4. Getting a job, 5. Essential college and career skills, and 6. Transitioning to high school (middle school only). These units can also be taught within our Advocacy program.

GSN’s Career Exploration Intensive Units (CEUs) are designed to expose students to career opportunities in high growth industries while teaching academic, personal, and professional skills. The focus is on exploring careers through project-based learning, not technical training. The units are available in grades 1-12. These stackable learning experiences can be customized to fit your schedule, student needs, and local workforce demands.

  • To view a sample unit, click here.

  • In addition, GSN provides Digital Portfolio templates to track students’ progress through this Scope and Sequence, or which can be applied to the school’s chosen College and Career Programming. Using the Digital Portfolio templates, students are responsible for collecting, documenting and putting together an on-going portfolio which will include selected pieces of evidence to show the path they have taken to explore and choose a career.



GSN works to develop career pathways in which students, teachers, and parents can track progress and interest toward specific career opportunities. For example, we are working to create a website that will serve as platform for School to Work transition opportunities in rural Colorado. Topics and materials include: project-based learning, work-based learning, entrepreneurship education, career advising and counseling programs, including local apprenticeship success model. In addition, we create graphic organizers for students to use to visualize success in their pathway, click here.

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  • Support for Applications/Financial Aid



GSN helps facilitate Community Engagement Teams (CETs), which are programs for professionals and organizations to support students in under-resourced communities and help close the opportunity gap. The progression of experiences for professionals and students includes:

  • School Based

  • Workplace Based

  • Workplace Learning

  • Peak Readiness Events

  • Mentorship & Internship

  • In addition, GSN helps to facilitate “Ways to Give Back” in each of these experiences, and assists professionals and organizations in tracking their impact with students and schools.

  • For more information on Community Engagement Teams, click here.



Brooklyn Generation School (BGS)

  • Graduation rate that matched the city of New York

  • Quadrupled the Regent’s pass rate

  • Consistent track record of beating the district’s predicted formula for student achievement based on risk factors

  • 100% college acceptance