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We empower students with a supportive peer community, adult connection and the skills and resources they need to thrive in the classroom and beyond.


Generation Schools Network’s Advocacy Program supports student’s social and emotional learning, college/career readiness, and academic success through helping schools accomplish the five goals of Advocacy:

  • Build relationships (student-teacher, student-student & teacher-family)

  • Support academic success (goal setting & monitoring)

  • Overcome barriers (establishes a community referral process)

  • Develop essential life skills (teamwork, communication & problem-solving)

  • Plan for college and career (completion of Individualized Career & Academic Planning using distributed guidance model)

  • This program includes planning for implementation, teacher trainings and coaching, access to SEL & CCR curriculum as well as recommended tools for measuring progress.

  • To learn more about GSN’s Advocacy Program, click here.



GSN comes alongside schools and districts to help them explore the importance of addressing the health and wellness of the whole child using the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model. Through the facilitated process, schools and districts create a plan for student and staff wellness across six areas:  

  • Physical activity

  • Nutrition

  • Student and staff wellness

  • Health education & services

  • Social-emotional climate & student behavioral health needs

  • Family engagement

  • The process includes the participation of school staff, students and community members and is often underwritten by a foundation. This allows stakeholders to examine how each of the factors above impacts the child and align practices to further support the health and well-being of students and staff. Several districts have already gone through Creating Healthy Schools process with GSN, and the program continues to grow. To see a sample plan, click here.



Through the Expelled and At-Risk Student Services Program Grant funded by the Colorado Department of Education and other grants, GSN assists individual schools’ and school districts’ efforts to re-engage students who have been suspended, expelled or are at-risk of expulsion using a case management approach.

Students in the program are supported by an Advocate who:

  • walks alongside the student and their family

  • acts as a liaison to the school and community and

  • creates personalized learning solutions.

  • This program has been shown to increase attendance, parent engagement and student grade point average. To learn more, click here.



GSN comes alongside schools to support them in planning and implementing research-based practices that address bullying behavior and change school culture at the adult, student and community level through:

  • building social emotional learning competencies such as communication, self-management, relationship skills, and social-awareness so that students are able to create constructive relationships with their peers and adults

  • teaching conflict resolution using curricula such as “Kids Working It Out”

  • integrating Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)

  • Engaging the community in understanding what bullying is and isn’t and how to prevent it

  • Planning events such as parent-nights and Kindness Counts weeks to improve school and community culture.

  • For more on Bullying Prevention, click here.



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“After implementing Advocacy at our school for just one semester, we have already had two new families come to Westgate because of finding out about the Advocacy program and the associated Bullying Prevention Initiative we are doing!”

Amanda Novak, Dean of School Culture, Westgate Community School