Our team of experts works alongside school leaders to craft improvement strategies and solve complex issues impacting achievement for all students.


Audit of Time and Space: This review, conducted by our staff, focuses on the daily master schedule, the use of all school staff, and the implementation of resources. The GSN review team uses their expertise in the design of school time, talent, and resources to conduct the review and provide a report to school leadership. For each area, commendations/strengths, as well as challenges/needs are identified. The report also includes guiding questions for consideration by the school leadership team.

In addition, GSN facilitates a comprehensive diagnostic review through data review, surveys, on-site classroom observations, interviews and focus groups as well as a time audit among other data collection strategies leading to a final report based on the Turnaround Principles, consisting of the 8 indicators that are aligned to the Colorado Department of Education.

Follow-up support comes in the form of improvement planning, coaching and technical assistance. This process develops capacity in the school team to monitor their own progress and ensures an embedded process of continuous improvement is operational in the school.

  • We partner with schools to help address their challenges through realigning time, talent, and resources.

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We guide school leadership through critical questions, such as: “How do we think about time outside of the box of the typical school day and year?, How do we not limit ourselves to industrial era type scheduling? and How do we invent beyond and outside of existing technology that houses the scheduling function?”

This work is guided by our Five Dimensions of Change:

  • Understand

  • Develop

  • Prepare

  • Execute

  • Refine

  • Following the discussion of these questions, we work with schools to review a wide range of daily and annual scheduling options, exploring the opportunities and trade-offs each strategy presents and considering the applicability of each strategy to the school’s goals.

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We believe in empowering all students with the information, skills, and connections they need to select and succeed on their postsecondary path of choice. As a result, GSN has created project-based curriculum in both our College/Career Readiness and Health and Wellness Programming.

Our instructional leadership team is well-versed in creating Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for schools, so that all students have access to a personalized learning plan. To see an example of a Multi-Tiered Support System, click here.

GSN assists in implementing Blended learning as a class rotational model. Classes are broken into smaller groups, which rotate between stations. Stations include direct instruction by the teacher, technology/computer station, and guided practice or collaborative stations.



The CREC is a group of rural districts working together to advance educational opportunity and economic prosperity across rural Colorado.

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Making a solid investment in recruiting, hiring, and retaining high-quality staff members is important regardless of location or profession. We work with schools to provide hiring guides, interview processes, and resume collection services so that our students, all over the nation, are taught by the best in the profession.

GSN also works with rural districts and counties to conduct teacher immersion events, which feature groups of teacher candidates spending time in rural communities, so they can learn first hand what teaching and living in those communities is like.

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